The school

Ecole Supérieure de Design des Landes
Ecole Supérieure de Design des Landes


Why the ESDL?

Imagine a school where everyone knows each other because it is on a human scale.   A real melting pot where each person thinks that diversity is an asset; imagine a school where you can at last express your originality. Imagine a campus where innovation is at the centre of everything, where each student is permanently encouraged to invent the world of tomorrow and above all to not reproduce the world of today. Because this school is close to the businesses that will be employing you tomorrow, it knows that this capacity is essential for you. A school where you will learn to manage yourself.

Imagine a school in a fertile territory. A privileged space for creation in the heart of the nature that man has learned to preserve having realised very early that nature is the first of his riches.  This nature, this landscape, has also taught him conviviality, a sense of hospitality, concern for others, and a festive spirit. Briefly, a region where one feels so good that one can work well.

Ecole Supérieure de Design des Landes
Ecole Supérieure de Design des Landes


This School, we have built it for you. It is the ESDL.

This year we are offering you a completely redesigned school as part of a new four-year strategic plan 2016/2020 called “Create Innovative Change”. Which means even more personal accompaniment. Even more businesses in the heart of the campus. Even more international study. Even more sustainability.    

Our vision of design

« Design is a creative activity which allows Man to prepare his future by combining harmoniously  aesthetics, technology and socio-economic necessities ». 

This quotation summarises our vision of the job of designer, which is truly a profession of the future because, although only 40% of French SME and VSE’s currently  use the services of a designer, there is huge scope to develop these creative services within businesses. For example, in Northern European countries, which are the models of the integration of design into business on the international scene, they have a rate of 60% for the use of design within their SME and VSE’s (Industry Ministry sources).

Efficiency, creativity, pragmatism, open-mindedness, adaptability to the evolutions and constraints of the economic world and of society, and our preference for good quality human relations; all of these constitute the DNA of our conception of the profession of designer.

A rapidly growing school within the Landes Chamber of Commerce

A school on a human scale but with big ambitions!

The ESDL, which was created in 2009 by company directors, members of the Landes Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is looking forward to an ambitious future. Indeed, having started out with just 8 students, the ESDL now has more than 90. However, we wish, above all, to remain a school which is on a human scale. We think that individual relationships between students, teachers and other members of the school team are essential because, after all, design is also about human relationships.

At the beginning of the 2017 school year the ESDL, currently located in the premises of the Landes Chamber of Commerce in Mont de Marsan, will have its own campus, shared with the Landes Management School.  A surface of 1400mcapable of welcoming more than 200 students will be dedicated to design courses. On this new campus, each student will benefit from a particularly stimulating environment.

 Salle de classe du futur campus design
3D image of future premises – ©Moon Safari

The status of the ESDL is to be modified allowing it to open up its capital to outside investors, both public and private. Objective: to give our school the means to become a national reference with regard to design and bring it international recognition.

Placed between the ocean and the Pyrenees Mountains.

Located in the heart of the Aquitaine region in Mont de Marsan in the Landes, the ESDL offers a wonderful quality of life: between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees Mountains. These living conditions mean the opportunity for numerous outdoor activities. The rapidly developing town of Mont de Marsan offers a dream existence to students. The design school is situated in the Chamber of Commerce which is near to the town centre. 

Particularly dynamic, the Landes department is home to some cutting-edge industries (aeronautics, timber, furniture, agro-food, surf…) and nationally important economic sectors such as balneology, tourism and leisure.

A school where you will spend the best years of your life

It’s not an easy task to choose your school. Here at the ESDL we think one should choose a school depending on both your career plan and personal project. Bearing in mind that you can only work well when you feel good, we think that the region is important too. Briefly, the school for you is the school where you feel comfortable. Don’t forget, you will be spending your twenties ‘the best years of your life’ here. We take great care to ensure you live these years intensely. A school isn’t just about lessons.

Whether it is community life, sporting activities, shared moments in the town centre, skiing weekends in the Pyrenees or on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, a whole range of activities are open to students at the ESDL.

Committed businesses and partners

Head in design, feet grounded in business.

The final result of the ESDL is to offer real future prospects to its students. In order to do so, we use our established networks and put in considerable efforts to build fruitful relationships both with economic stakeholders, local councils and teaching partners within our region and beyond.
The ESDL has joined forces with the University of the ‘Pays d’Adour’ allowing us to propose a professional degree in the form of a combined study and work placement course.

The ESDL has also developed partnerships with almost 90 regional, national and international  enterprises, including: HD Seats, Emmanuel Gallina Design,  API-UP, Les Couteliers Basques, Flexon, les Thermes de l’Avenue, Maison Francis Miot, SIKIG, Asap Hollywood, Méda Manufacturing France, Tribord, Terroirs Gourmets, Billabong, Scierie Labadie, Copytel, Verrehaget, Hoff, Camping le Col Vert, Lespiaucq, Epure, Artiga, Retegui…

We also work in close collaboration with local and regional public authorities including the local councils of Mont de Marsan, Hagetmau, Parentis, Capbreton, Saint Sever and Peyrehorade and the Marsan Urban Agglomeration.

A team of professionals

At the ESDL, students are given the opportunity to have close and meaningful relationships with all of our teaching staff. Daily dialogue and readiness to listen are essential values. The Director and the head of teaching are in fact experienced designers themselves.  


  • Director / Designer: François LEVASSEUR
  • Head of teaching / Designer: Aude JOANNIS
  • Coordinator: Fabienne LOUSTAU
  • Communication Commercial Manager : Caroline QUERBES

The school works with more than 25 external teaching staff, amongst whom are professional designers who conduct design and concept workshops as well as design specialists who give lessons in other subjects.

Sustainable Development

We have made sustainable development a priority. This challenge, which is a major preoccupation in the world of the 21st century, is at the heart of our teaching programme. Our future designers will be able to naturally integrate this dimension in all of their creative projects. Our vision of sustainable development is positive and operational; dogmatism and inciting guilt don’t have a place here. We turn sustainability into an opportunity and a creative lever in the development of new products, new packaging and yet more attractive spaces.
Discover the website of sustainable development in Aquitaine.

Employment prospects

Design has gone beyond the cosmetic or aesthetic approach and is now the basis of innovation and thus is at the heart of industry. The ESDL aims to contribute in changing the outcomes of enterprises.  By training operational and recognized designers using the latest most advanced technologies, notably in eco-design, the ESDL ensures its graduates will be able to integrate national businesses and take up complex challenges in terms of design and innovation.  

The courses at the ESDL are therefore orientated towards the real needs of business to best answer their problematics. Work experience gives the opportunity of professional achievement as our students apply what they have learned.


In 2015, 50% of graduates found a permanent job less than three months after graduation.

Examples of jobs :

  • Product Designer for mass retail, industry or packaging
  • Graphic Designer (creation of visual identity, logo, marketing products etc.)
  • Private space Designer, events, public amenities, commerce and tourism.
  • Design manager specialising in eco-conception